Pachet, F. and Delerue, O. MidiSpace: a Constraint-based Temporal Music Spatializer. ACM Multimedia Conference, pages 351-359, Bristol, UK, 1998

Sony CSL authors: Olivier Delerue, Fran├žois Pachet


We develop multimedia technology for enriching the music listening experience. We propose a system - MidiSpace - in which users may listen to music while controlling in real time the localization of sound sources, through a simple interface. We introduce the problem of mixing consistency, and propose a solution based on a constraint propagation mechanism. The proposed system contains both an authoring mode, in which sound engineers may specify spatialization constraints to be satisfied, and a listening mode in which listeners can modify the localization of sources under the supervision of a constraint solver that ensures the spatialization always satisfies the constraints. We describe the architecture of the system and report on experiments done so far.

Keywords: MusicSpace, spatialization, computer music, constraints


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