Pachet, F. Rule Base Inheritance. In EC2, editor, Proceedings of RPO 92 (Représentations par Objets), pages 187-200, La Grande Motte, France, 1992

Sony CSL authors: François Pachet


We study the transposition of the inheritance mechanism of class-based languages in a forward-chaining rule-based environment. This mechanism allows to specify various levels of organization for a rule base, which represent a notion of generalization/specialization. We show that this mechanism has some interesting practical effects : a conceptual one (the vision of a rule base as a specialization of other rule bases), and in relation with control (the inheritance tree is associated to a particular control structure). We describe our implementation of the mechanism in the NéOpus system, which integrates first order forward-chaining rules within Smalltalk-80. We finally give some examples of applications.

Keywords: NeOpus


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