Monceaux Jérôme; Pachet, François; Amadu, Frédéric; Roy, Pierre and Aymeric Zils Descriptor-based spatialization. Proceedings of AES Conference 2005, Barcelona, Spain, 2005

Sony CSL authors: François Pachet, Pierre Roy, Aymeric Zils


The translation of monophonic soundtracks to new audio formats is the object of a growing demand particularly from the DVD producers. However operations like “upmixing” a monophonic track to a multi-channel format are time-consuming tasks for the sound engineer, who has to choose, adapt and tune different spatialization tools. In order to simplify the upmix, we introduce a new spatialization approach based on the use of perceptive descriptors. It consists in automatically detecting audio source characteristics, based on perceptive aspects and exploiting these characteristics to control spatialization tools. This paper presents an experimentation driven by Arkamys and Sony CSL Paris to evaluate the interest of this technique, to address the needs of sound engineers in the field of spatialization. EDS [1,2], a generic audio information extractor, was used to control the Arkamys spatializer [3]. We describe the aim and interest of this descriptor-based approach and discuss its performances and limitations.

Keywords: feature, generation


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