Addessi, A.-R. and Pachet, F. Experiments with a Musical Machine: Musical Style Replication in 3/5 year old Children.. British Journal of Music Education, 22(1):21-46, March 2005.

Sony CSL authors: François Pachet


The relationship between new technology and learning is gaining increasing relevance in the field of music education (Webster, 2002; Folkestad et al., 1998). However, only a few studies have considered the nature of the interaction between children and musical machines. This article describes an observation study of children aged 3–5 years confronting a particular interactive musical system, the Continuator, which is able to produce music in the same style as a human playing the keyboard (Pachet, 2003). The analysis of two case studies suggests that the Continuator is able to develop interesting child/machine interactions and creative musical processes in young children. It was possible to observe a ‘life cycle’ of interaction, as well as micro-processes similar to those observed in child/adult interactions (Stern, 1985; Imberty, 2002). The ability of the system to attract and hold the attention of children has been interpreted through the theory of flow introduced by Csikszentmihalyi (1990).

Keywords: Continuator, flow


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