Pachet, F. Computer Analysis of Jazz Chord Sequences. Is Solar a Blues?. In Miranda, E., editor, Readings in Music and Artificial Intelligence, Harwood Academic Publishers. 2000.

Sony CSL authors: Fran├žois Pachet


This chapter investigates the issue of the role of the computer in musical analysis. Starting with a survey of the main approaches in computer analysis, we focus on the particular problem of Jazz chord sequences harmonic analysis. We propose a theory of chord sequence analysis, based on an explicit conceptual hierarchy of analysis objects. We discuss the implementation of the theory and its results on a typical example (Blues for Alice, by Charlie Parker), for which the system produces an analysis which conforms exactly to human interpretation. We also exhibit a chord sequence, Solar (by Miles Davis), for which the results of the system do not conform to human perception, i.e. it does not find it is a Blues. We conclude on the issue of the role for the computer in musical analysis.

Keywords: chord sequences, computer music, analysis


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