Moreira, J., Roy, P. and Pachet, F. VirtualBand: Interacting with Stylistically Consistent Agents. 14th International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference (ISMIR 2013), pages 341-346, Curitiba (Brazil), November 2013

Sony CSL authors: Julian Moreira, François Pachet, Pierre Roy


VirtualBand is a multi-agent system dedicated to live computer-enhanced music performances. VirtualBand enables one or several musicians to interact in real-time with stylistically plausible virtual agents. The problem addressed is the generation of virtual agents that each represent the style of a given musician, while reacting to human players. The solution we propose is a generation framework that relies on feature interaction. Virtual agents exploit a style database, which consists of an audio signal from which a set of MIR features are extracted. Musical interactions are represented by directed connections between virtual agents. The connections are specified as database filters based on MIR features extracted from the agent’s audio signal. We claim that such a connection framework allows to implement meaningful musical interactions and to produce stylistically consistent musical output. We illustrate this concept through several examples in jazz improvisation,beat boxing and interactive mash-ups.

Keywords: jazz, flow machines, style, multi-agents


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