Miranda, E. R. Computer Sound Synthesis for the Electronic Musician. Focal Press, Oxford, UK, 1998.

Sony CSL authors: Eduardo Miranda


Blurb: "The art of sound synthesis is as important for the electronic musician as the art of orchestration for symphonic music composers. Those who wish to create their own virtual orchestra of electronic instruments and produce original sounds will find this book invaluable. It examines a variety of synthesis techniques and illustrates how to turn a personal computer into a powerful and flexible sound synthesizer. The book also discusses a number of ongoing developments that may play an important role in the future of electronic music making, including the use of Artificial Intelligence techniques in synthesis software and parallel computers. The accompanying CD-ROM contains examples, complementary tutorials and a number of synthesis systems for PC and Macintosh platforms, ranging from low level synthesis programming languages to graphic front-ends for instrument and sound design. These include fully working packages, demonstration versions of commercial software and experimental programs from top research centers in Europe, North America, and South America. "

Keywords: computer music, sound synthesis

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