Kaplan, F., Oudeyer, P-Y., Kubinyi, E. and Miklosi, A. Clicker training sessions with an animal-like robot. Advances in Ethology (Supplements to Ethology), 36, 2001.

Sony CSL authors: Frédéric Kaplan, Pierre-Yves Oudeyer


Robot builders have been largely inspired by studies on animal behaviors when they had to define control architectures. At the same time, robot-based research has also enabled to introduce a new methodology for biology. The recent years were characterised by the expansion of animal-like autonomous robots. Interactions with these new robots are likely to be one of the crucial research topics for engineers in the next few years. We want to convey the idea that some techniques used for animal training might be helpful for solving human robot interaction problems and that designing robot-based models can also give interesting insights for ethological studies. We have built a model for teaching complex actions to an animal-like autonomous robot based on "clicker training", a method used efficiently by professional trainers on a large variety of animals. Based on our implemenation on an enhanced version of AIBO, Sonyś four-legged robot, we argue that this new method can be a promising technique for teaching a robot unusual behaviors and sequences of actions. By comparing the results obtained with this first prototype with ethological studies of clicker training sessions with real dogs, we can assert the achievements and the limitations of this model.

Keywords: clicker training, aibo, ethology, actions

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