Funabashi, M., Hanappe, P., Isozaki, T., Maes A., Sasaki, T., Steels, L. and Yoshida, K. Foundation of CS-DC e-laboratory: Open Systems Exploration for Ecosystems Leveraging. Proceedings of Complex Systems Digital Campus '15 (CS-DC'15), Phoenix, Arizona (USA), Sept. 28-Oct. 2 2015

Sony CSL authors: Peter Hanappe, Luc Steels


We established a Complex Systems Digital Campus(CS-DC) e-laboratory 'Open Systems Exploration for Ecosystems Leveraging' in view of redesigning sustainable social-ecological systems related to food production ranging over food, health, community, economy, and environment. 6 projects have begun to collaborate in e-laboratory, namely Synecoculture, P2P Food Lab, Open Systems Data Analytics, The Bee Laboratory, Open Systems Simulation and One-Health Food Lab. As a transversal methodology we apply open systems science to deepen scientific understanding and for a continuous amelioration of the management. The projects involve scientists, engineers, artists, citizens and are open to collaboration inside and outside of the e-laboratory. This article summarizes foundational principles of these projects and reports initial steps in operation.

Keywords: sustainability, food production, agriculture, health, community, ecology, environmental problems, open systems, citizen science

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