Foulon, R., Roy, P. and Pachet, F. Automatic Classification of Guitar Playing Modes. 10th International Symposium on Computer Music Multidisciplinary Research (CMMR 2013), pages 64-77, Marseille (France), October 2013

Sony CSL authors: Raphael Foulon, Fran├žois Pachet, Pierre Roy


Musicians typically use various playing modes (bass lines, chord comping, solo melody improvisation) when they perform with their instrument. The design of augmented instruments calls for a precise understanding of such playing modes, from real-time analysis of musical input. In this context, the accuracy of mode classification is critical because it underlies the design of the whole interaction taking place. In this paper, we present an accurate and robust mode classifier for guitar audio signals. Our classifier distinguishes between 3 modes routinely used in jazz improvisation: bass, solo melodic improvisation and chordal playing. Our method uses a supervised classification technique applied to a large corpus of training data, recorded with different guitars (electric, jazz, nylon strings, electro-acoustic). We detail our method and experimental results over various data sets. We show in particular that the performance of our classifier is comparable to that of a MIDI-based classifier. We discuss the application of the classifier to live interactive musical systems. We discuss the limitations and possible extensions of this approach.

Keywords: flow machines, jazz


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